The original English work of the Brethren Assemblies in Montreal was associated with the efforts of J.N. Darby, who made several visits to the city, beginning in 1859. The first of these assemblies eventually met on City Counsellors Street.

One of the earliest ‘open’ assemblies, whose specific beginning is lost from memory, met at 2481 St. Antoine Street in Montreal. It consisted of a number of local brethren as well as a number from the British West Indies. At some point, the work divided, with the more conservative element moving away. In 1926, several years later, that group established their work at the Park extension Gospel Hall in Montreal.

Meanwhile, the more open group continued meeting at St. Antoine Street. The area had deteriorated somewhat, and some believers felt the need to go elsewhere . The assembly amicably divided, many of the believers moving into the Draper Avenue Gospel Hall in Montreal. These continued for some time to help financially with the original work. Sometime after 1955, the land where the St. Antoine work stood was expropriated and the assembly purchased an unused church building in Westmount, now known as Bethel Gospel Chapel.

Draper Avenue Gospel Hall, the outcome of the above amicable division, first located in the Notre Dame de Grace district of Montreal. Later they moved to  Cote St-Luc and took the name  Cote St-Luc Bible Chapel.  In 1984 they purchased a building on Lansdowne Avenue in Westmount and changed their name to the West End Bible Chapel. In 2014 they relocated to LaSalle and today they continue to meet there as Westend Bible Chapel.